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How to upload large files (1GB and beyond) to AWS S3 using NestJS (backend) and ReactJS (frontend)?

Reading Time: 5 minutes When dealing with file uploads, you must be aware that files are uploaded in buffers stored in memory and if the file is larger than the allocated memory in your VM, it may run out of memory and the application might crash. For example, if your allocated memory is 2GB, if you try to upload […]

How to fetch contents of JSON files stored in Amazon S3 using Express.js and AWS SDK?

Reading Time: 12 minutes A plethora of banks employ JSON for data transfer between the bank and the client servers. With the help of Amazon S3 data lakes, the banks use the data to train AI/ML models and perform advanced analytics. JSON is an open standard file format and data interchange format that stores and transmits data objects composed […]

How to easily replicate existing S3 objects using S3 batch replication?

Reading Time: 10 minutes For successful corporate operations, data access is essential. However, data is frequently blocked or corrupted due to device problems, cyberattacks, and natural disasters. Businesses and IT specialists are forced to work hours to recreate and recover data that has been destroyed. Data replication is the best strategy to protect data and assure reliable data access. […]

How to use Amazon Textract to extract data from any Image & PDF?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Amazon Textract is a highly scalable machine learning service that collects printed text, handwriting, and other information from scanned documents automatically.    Using Amazon Textract, you can easily extract text and data from images and any scanned documents that go beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to extract data from tables and forms.  Many businesses and […]

How to run commands remotely on an EC2 instance using AWS Systems Manager?

Reading Time: 13 minutes If you are a System administrator and assigned a task to upgrade the packages for one application running on an EC2 instance, but due to some security restrictions, you are not permitted to access production instances via SSH or bastion host. In this situation, you can use AWS Systems Manager to remotely run shell scripts […]

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