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How to upload large files (1GB and beyond) to AWS S3 using NestJS (backend) and ReactJS (frontend)?

Reading Time: 5 minutes When dealing with file uploads, you must be aware that files are uploaded in buffers stored in memory and if the file is larger than the allocated memory in your VM, it may run out of memory and the application might crash. For example, if your allocated memory is 2GB, if you try to upload […]

AWS S3 Storage Lens — Analytics Solution For Organization-Wide Visibility

Reading Time: 7 minutes S3 Storage Lens is a recently launched service of AWS for S3 which provides S3 storage analytics and insights. S3 storage lens is also the first-ever cloud storage analytics solution initially introduced by AWS. The S3 storage lens increases object storage visibility into S3 buckets. When you are storing objects in S3 from hundreds to […]

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