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Platform Engineering: Predictions and Prospects in 2023 & Beyond

Reading Time: 7 minutes Platform Engineering has received a lot of attention, but there is some misunderstanding about what it is and, perhaps more importantly, how it differs from more well-known disciplines like SRE and DevOps. Platform Engineering is the rebranded DevOps or it is the next stage of DevOps evolution? Why suddenly everyone has started talking about it? […]

How to detect operational issues in Lambda Function automatically with Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hands-on In this hands-on, we will see how we can detect operational issues in Lambda Function with Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless. We will first log in and navigate to the AWS console. Then, we will change the region to the one that has Amazon DevOps Guru available. Navigating to the Amazon DevOps Guru dashboard, […]

Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless

Reading Time: 9 minutes With digitalization and the cloud assuming responsibility for the development and deployment of new features in software applications, error handling is a critical activity that aids in faster deployment. Any error in the chain, from writing code to deploying to monitoring performance, can degrade customer experience, increase costs, or immediately disrupt critical services. Amazon has […]

How to Become a Successful AWS DevOps Engineer?

Reading Time: 7 minutes In the last couple of years, we have seen a great shift in computation and also software development life cycles. Thus we see a huge demand for DevOps as well as AWS. As a result, the career opportunities for an AWS DevOps Engineer are highly promising. If you want to become an AWS Certified DevOps […]

How to analyze, debug and trace AWS Lambda function using AWS X-Ray?

Reading Time: 9 minutes AWS X-Ray helps developers to analyze and debug production and distributed applications. It helps developers in understanding how applications and their underlying services are performing to identify and troubleshoot the root cause of performance issues and errors. In this blog, we will explore how we can make use of AWS X-Ray to monitor, trace and […]

How to create high-traffic WordPress architecture using Amazon Lightsail?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Lightsail is an easy-to-use virtual private server that offers everything which is needed to build a cost-effective website with a monthly plan. This approach is suitable for prototyping and test environments as well for blogs, custom sites, and e-commerce applications. In this blog, you can explore everything about Amazon Lightsail including a business scenario to […]

How to run commands remotely on an EC2 instance using AWS Systems Manager?

Reading Time: 13 minutes If you are a System administrator and assigned a task to upgrade the packages for one application running on an EC2 instance, but due to some security restrictions, you are not permitted to access production instances via SSH or bastion host. In this situation, you can use AWS Systems Manager to remotely run shell scripts […]

How to create CI/CD workflow using AWS CodeStar?

Reading Time: 8 minutes DevOps and CI/CD are the future of software development. AWS CodeStar makes building a full CI/CD workflow easier and helps us to create a CI/CD toolchain using AWS developer tools – CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodePipeline In this blog we will demonstrate how to create CI/CD workflow using AWS CodeStar. Before beginning to read this blog, […]

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