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How to Develop a Micro-Frontend Application With React?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Discover the basics of micro-frontend development in our new blog. We’ll guide you through creating lively apps with React, explaining the perks, structure, and smart practices for micro-frontends. It’s like solving a web puzzle — simple, effective, and fun. Let’s get started! In this blog, we will cover: What are Micro-frontends? Micro-Frontend Architecture Advantages of […]

Manage the State of a Complex Application by Integrating Redux with React

Reading Time: 9 minutes Navigating the complexities of state management is pivotal for controlling an application’s data, user interactions, and overall behavior. In this blog, we will explore step-by-step implementation of how to seamlessly manage state across multiple components by integrating Redux with React. Let’s start! In this blog, we will cover: What is State Management? Are Your Favorite […]

Supercharge Your React App with Real-Time GraphQL Subscriptions & Apollo Client

Reading Time: 6 minutes Modern applications are getting more real-time. Notification updates, chat messaging applications, and financial market updates are all examples of real-time updates in online apps. With a feature called subscriptions, GraphQL makes it simple to create apps with low latency, and real-time updates. In this blog, we will discuss: Polling WebSockets GraphQL Subscriptions Apollo Client Features […]

How to Manage State in a React Application Using Redux?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The rise of JavaScript frameworks such as React opened a new possibility in the world of Single Page Applications (SPAs). It became a lot easier to develop reusable components and create robust applications with JavaScript. However, as the applications grew, there arose a complexity – state management. That’s why we’ll discuss about how to Manage […]

How to upload large files (1GB and beyond) to AWS S3 using NestJS (backend) and ReactJS (frontend)?

Reading Time: 5 minutes When dealing with file uploads, you must be aware that files are uploaded in buffers stored in memory and if the file is larger than the allocated memory in your VM, it may run out of memory and the application might crash. For example, if your allocated memory is 2GB, if you try to upload […]

How to Build a Hybrid App using React Native?

Reading Time: 13 minutes There are over 6.5 billion smartphone users across the world and it is forecasted to further grow to 7.6 billion by 2027, as per Statista. It’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is growing very fast. Statista also reports that worldwide mobile application revenues have risen dramatically throughout the past two years from 255.5 […]

Angular vs React: Which one to choose and when?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Javascript is one of the most widely used programming languages today. Many developers, both new and experienced, choose to use Javascript to construct their applications or projects, but they are sometimes perplexed while deciding which framework or library to use for their projects. Although Angular and ReactJs are their top priorities, the majority of them […]

How to create an API endpoint to provision a DynamoDB table using AWS AppSync? (Part 1)

Reading Time: 6 minutes AppSync is an AWS-managed GraphQL layer that is built on the benefits of GraphQL and adds a few more cool features to its web and mobile SDKs. AppSync is the best of GraphQL with less complexity than before, which works out great for Serverless applications. You can refer to our blog How to create an […]

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