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Build AI Apps with Amazon PartyRock and Amazon Bedrock

Reading Time: 16 minutes Introducing Amazon PartyRock, an innovative platform that redefines the landscape of app exploration and creation. For Part 1 of this blog, refer here. In this transformative hands-on implementation, we will guide you through the PartyRock playground, an exciting journey that encompasses navigating its free features, signing in to unlock personalized experiences, experimenting with suggested apps, […]

Amazon PartyRock: A Playground for Generative AI Enthusiasts

Reading Time: 5 minutes In a groundbreaking move, AWS has recently introduced PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground, designed to make generative AI app-building both fun and intuitive. This hands-on playground empowers users to create a variety of apps with just a few simple steps, opening doors to explore the vast realm of generative AI. In Part 2 of this […]

ChatGPT: Your Digital BFF

Reading Time: 13 minutes Everyone is chatting about ChatGPT, an OpenAI programme that can write prose, poetry, and even computer code, just like a human. Astonishment at what it can do, fear of cheating and replacement by “robots,” and warnings about the dangers of outsourcing creativity to machines are the main topics of conversation. On November 30, 2022, OpenAI […]

How to Use ChatGPT API to Create an AI-Powered Web Application That Assists Software Engineers’ Productivity?

Reading Time: 7 minutes ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and is now seen as an invaluable companion in both our personal and professional lives. It can help us in a variety of ways, from deciding what to write or say, to selecting the perfect meal, to even coding! With ChatGPT, the possibilities are endless. It can aid […]

How to build Machine Learning Models quickly using Amazon Sagemaker?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Amazon Sagemaker enables data scientists and developers to train and deploy machine learning models for performing the analysis of the dataset.  Amazon Sagemaker is a cloud-based machine learning tool that is used to build, train, test, and deploy machine learning models. Amazon launched this fully managed machine learning service in 2017. During its initial launch, […]

How can we use Amazon Comprehend with AWS Lambda and Amazon Lex for Sentiment Analysis?

Reading Time: 10 minutes In our previous blog, How can we use Amazon Comprehend with AWS Lambda and Amazon Lex for Sentiment Analysis(Part 1)? we have discussed NLP, Amazon Comprehend as one of the best NLP services, its features, benefits, use cases, etc. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to configure Amazon Comprehend with AWS Lambda and Amazon […]

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