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Crafting Captivating Narratives: The Power of Gen AI with SageMaker

Reading Time: 14 minutes In the evolving landscape of AI-driven innovation, crafting compelling narratives has reached new heights with the power of Generative AI, and Amazon SageMaker stands as a pivotal platform for realizing this potential. This hands-on exploration will guide you through harnessing the capabilities of Generative AI, specifically the GPT-2 model, to craft engaging stories from incomplete […]

ChatGPT: Your Digital BFF

Reading Time: 13 minutes Everyone is chatting about ChatGPT, an OpenAI programme that can write prose, poetry, and even computer code, just like a human. Astonishment at what it can do, fear of cheating and replacement by “robots,” and warnings about the dangers of outsourcing creativity to machines are the main topics of conversation. On November 30, 2022, OpenAI […]

How can we use Amazon Comprehend with AWS Lambda and Amazon Lex for Sentiment Analysis (Part 1)?

Reading Time: 7 minutes When we are asking Siri – “Hey Siri, where is the nearest grocery store?” or telling Alexa – “Alexa, can you play my workout music?”, we are actually talking to machines! These virtual assistants are examples of machines that understand human languages and respond!! Sounds interesting right? Now you must be keen to know how […]

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