How to add privacy to your transcriptions with Amazon Transcribe to hide all the confidential information from the audio-fetched text? (Part1)

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One of the most difficult challenges in computer science is teaching a computer to understand human language. Although in today’s technological world, speech-to-text looks to be a simple procedure, it takes a number of language models and algorithms to attain near-perfect accuracy Automatic speech recognition (ASR) and machine translation (MT) have made great progress in creating extremely accurate and fluent transcriptions. Amazon Transcribe is an ASR service that allows developers to easily integrate voice-to-text functionality into their apps.

In this blog, we will explore Amazon Transcribe, its features, use cases, Transcribe Call Analytics, Transcribe Medical, its pricing, and the programming languages supported by Amazon Transcribe. We demonstrated the step-by-step instructions on how to add privacy to your transcriptions with Amazon Transcribe to hide all the confidential information from the audio-fetched text in part 2 of the blog.

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What is Amazon Transcribe?
  • Amazon Transcribe VS AWS Polly
  • Languages supported by Amazon Transcribe
  • What is Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics?
  • What is Amazon Transcribe Medical?
  • Pricing of Amazon Transcribe
  • Companies using Amazon Transcribe
  • Conclusion

What is Amazon Transcribe?

Amazon Transcribe makes converting speech to text simple for customers. It can be used for a variety of business applications, including transcription of voice-based customer service calls, generation of subtitles on audio/video content, and conducting a (text-based) content analysis on audio/video content, using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology.

Any device having an on-device microphone, such as phones, PCs, tablets, and IoT devices, can use Amazon Transcribe. The Amazon Transcribe API will be able to detect the quality of the audio stream being input to the device and will choose the appropriate acoustic models for speech-to-text conversion accordingly. Additionally, developers can use the Transcribe API to access speech-to-text conversion capabilities in their applications.


Amazon Transcribe is a speech-to-text service that makes speech recognition easy to integrate into any program. With Transcribe, you can ingest audio, create easy-to-read and review transcripts, improve accuracy with customization, and filter information to safeguard client privacy.

Audio Inputs: Transcribe is an application that can make high-quality transcriptions from both live and recorded audio or video for searching and analyzing.

Streaming and Batch Transcription: For transcription, you can either process existing audio recordings or transmit audio in real-time.

Automatic Language Identification: You can automatically detect the prevailing language in an audio source and generate transcriptions with Amazon Transcribe.

Easy-to-read Transcripts: You may use them to make accurate transcripts that are easy to read, review, and integrate into your applications.

Features of Amazon Transcribe

Punctuation and Number Normalization: Amazon Transcribe adds punctuation and number formatting automatically, so the output roughly resembles hand transcription quality at a fraction of the cost and labor.

Timestamp Generation: Each word in Amazon Transcribe is given a timestamp, allowing you to quickly locate a word or phrase in the original audio or add subtitles to the video.

Recognize Multiple Speakers: To accurately capture settings such as phone calls, meetings, and television shows, speaker changes are automatically identified and ascribed in the text.

Custom Language Models: By uploading a corpus of text data to Amazon Transcribe, you can design and train your own CLM for your use case and domain as needed.

Use Cases

Customer discussions can provide useful information: Quickly extract actionable data from customer conversations using Transcribe Call Analytics. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect and AWS Contact Center Intelligence partners provide turnkey solutions to boost customer interaction, agent productivity, and surface quality management alerts to supervisors.

Study and evaluate media content: For content discovery, highlight production, content moderation, and monetization, content producers and media distributors can utilize Amazon Transcribe to turn audio and video assets into fully searchable archives.

Use Cases of Amazon Transcribe

Subtitles and meeting notes should be created: Increase accessibility and improve customer experience by adding subtitles to your on-demand and broadcast material. To increase your productivity and correctly capture the meetings and discussions that matter to you, use Amazon Transcribe.

Clinical documentation should be improved: Amazon Transcribe Medical allows medical doctors and practitioners to rapidly and easily capture clinical interactions into electronic health record (EHR) systems for analysis. The service is HIPAA-compliant and has been trained in medical terminology.

Amazon Transcribe VS AWS Polly

Amazon Transcribe VS AWS Polly

Amazon Transcribe translates speech to text automatically, while AWS Polly uses deep learning to turn text into lifelike speech.

Languages supported by Amazon Transcribe

Languages supported by Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe real-time service supports:

  • Java SDK
  • C++ SDK.
  • Ruby SDK

What is Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics?

What is Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics?

Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics is an AI-powered API that provides rich call transcripts and actionable conversation analytics that you can integrate into your call applications to boost customer satisfaction and agent productivity. It combines powerful speech-to-text technology with proprietary natural language processing (NLP) models that have been specifically trained to interpret customer service and outbound sales calls. This API is contact center agnostic and makes it easy for customers and ISVs to integrate call analytics capabilities into their apps as part of AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions.

With Call Analytics, you can rapidly add valuable intelligence to any inbound or outgoing call application as an API output, such as customer and agent sentiment scores, call drivers, and call categories. Supervisors can utilize these programs to gain a better understanding of customer and agent interactions, spot trends, and measure performance metrics across many categories.

With Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics, you can:

  • Extract detailed call analytics & conversation insights
  • Using automated call classification, you may improve compliance and monitoring.
  • Produce rich call transcripts
  • Protect sensitive customer data
  • Reduce implementation complexity
  • Utilize ML models optimized for call analytics
  • Use the communication platform of your choice

What is Amazon Transcribe Medical?

Amazon Transcribe Medical is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that allows developers to easily integrate medical speech-to-text functionality into their apps. You can rapidly and accurately transcribe medical dictation and conversational voice into text with Amazon Transcribe Medical for a variety of applications, including capturing physician notes or processing in downstream text analytics to extract meaningful insights.

It accurately transcribes medical voice into text using powerful machine learning algorithms. In the healthcare and life sciences domains, Transcribe Medical can provide general text transcripts that can be used to support a variety of use cases, ranging from clinical documentation workflow and drug safety monitoring (pharmacovigilance) to telemedicine subtitling and even contact center analytics.

With Amazon Transcribe Medical, you can:

  • Save time with highly accurate transcriptions
  • Lower medical transcription costs
  • Monitor drug safety
  • Dictate medical notes
  • Capture physician-patient conversations in real time

Pricing of Amazon Transcribe

You pay as you go with Amazon Transcribe, based on the number of seconds of audio transcribed every month. 

You can get started using Amazon Transcribe for free as part of the AWS Free Tier. You can use the Amazon Transcribe Free Tier for a period of 12 months, beginning on the day you submit your first transcription request.

Companies using Amazon Transcribe


In this blog, we have explored Amazon Transcribe, its features, use cases, Amazon Transcribe vs Polly, Languages supported by Amazon Transcribe, pricing, and companies using Amazon Transcribe. It is a speech-to-text service that makes it simple to integrate speech recognition into any application. Its features include the ability to absorb audio, provide easy-to-read and review transcripts, boost accuracy through customization, and filter data to safeguard client privacy. We will demonstrate the full implementation of how to add privacy to your transcriptions with Amazon Transcribe to hide all the confidential information from the audio-fetched text with step-by-step instructions in our upcoming blog. Stay tuned to keep getting all updates about our upcoming new blogs on AWS and relevant technologies. 

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