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How to Build an Interactive Real-Time Chat Application with Websockets?

Reading Time: 11 minutes What is Socket.io? Socket.io, a widely-used JavaScript library, offers a framework for facilitating real-time, two-way communication between web clients (like browsers) and servers. It uses WebSockets as the primary communication method but also offers fallback options such as long polling for environments where WebSockets may not be supported. This makes it a powerful tool for […]

How to Translate Text Using the Translate Npm Package and the Libre Engine?

Reading Time: 9 minutes In our interconnected world, language barriers can hinder effective communication and collaboration. Thankfully, with the advancements in machine translation, it is now easier than ever to overcome these barriers. In this blog post, we will demonstrate how to leverage the Translate NPM package, combined with the powerful Libre Engine, to seamlessly translate text between different […]

How to Build a Rust WebAssembly Frontend App with Yew Framework?

Reading Time: 6 minutes While Rust is known for its backend web development capabilities, the introduction of WebAssembly (Wasm) has enabled the development of rich front-end apps in Rust. With the introduction of WebAssembly, it became possible to build frontend web apps in Rust, such as the one we just built, expanding development opportunities for developers. While all of […]

How to Configure CORS in Node.js With Express?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Internet browsers typically deny access to unknown websites from your application programming interfaces and services. Doing this allows your server to share its resources only with clients that are on the same domain as yours and nobody else. However, there are times when you would like to relax this guard or would want to exercise […]

How to connect to MongoDB using Mongoose and MongoDB Atlas in Node.js?

Reading Time: 10 minutes MongoDB is one of the most popular No-SQL databases in the developer community today. Instead of SQL objects, No-SQL databases allow developers to send and retrieve data as JSON documents. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to connect to MongoDB using Mongoose and MongoDB Atlas in Node.js. Let’s get started! In this blog, we […]

How to perform encryption and decryption of messages using Crypto in Node.js?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Web applications have access to massive amounts of data belonging to individuals, organizations, and governments. The more data that is accessed, the greater the risk to data security. Cryptography and encryption techniques are used by software developers to protect sensitive data from malicious parties. Cryptography is used to protect data stored in a database or […]

How to ETL API data to AWS S3 Bucket using Apache Airflow?

Reading Time: 7 minutes 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day with 90% of it generated solely in the last 2 years (Source: Forbes). Data is pulled, cleaned, transfigured & then presented for analytical purposes & put to use in thousands of applications to fulfill consumer needs & more. While generating insights from the data is important, […]

How to set up a PM2 daemon process manager for a Node.js application?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Process management encompasses a wide range of activities centered on the creation, termination, and monitoring of processes. A process manager is a program that ensures that your applications remain operational after they have been launched. Process managers can prevent production downtime by restarting your application automatically after a crash or even after the host machine […]

Perform a Session-based User Authentication in Express.js

Reading Time: 10 minutes While it is possible to render static websites from a server, this approach has many limitations, including code duplication and a lack of flexibility — particularly when it comes to reading data from a database. Fortunately, Express.js includes a template engine that allows us to generate dynamic HTML pages from our server-side applications. A template […]

How to upload single or multiple images to a local directory with Multer in Node.js?

Reading Time: 7 minutes The most fundamental operation of any application is a file upload. While images can be uploaded on the front end, they must be received via an API and database on the backend. You can set up file and image uploads in one place using Multer and Express, a Node.js framework. In this blog, we will […]

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