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How to create high quality audio versions of blog posts using AWS Polly?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Text-to-speech can help us in creating more versatile, accessible content. We could purchase recording equipment and spend hours recording and editing each narration, but if we want most of the benefits for only a couple of minutes and a few pennies per post, consider using AWS Polly instead. AWS Polly uses advanced deep learning technologies […]

How to create and publish AR/VR Apps with AWS Sumerian?

Reading Time: 13 minutes In our previous blog How to create and publish AR/VR Apps with AWS Sumerian (Part 1), we discussed Amazon Sumerian, its features, benefits, use cases, etc. In this blog, we will discuss a business scenario to create, configure and publish a Sumerian bot with proper gestures and text-to-speech conversation.  Let’s understand the following business scenario. […]

How to auto register and deregister EC2 Instances behind Application Load Balancer (ALB) using Lambda?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Consider that you’re running an eCommerce website that doesn’t have scaling capability in place, and also you’re much aware of the load such as when the load will increase and decrease. You also don’t want to assign a dedicated person to manually add or remove instances behind the load balancer and you want to ensure […]

How to set up AWS Copilot to build, release and operate containerized applications on ECS and Fargate using a CLI?

Reading Time: 9 minutes AWS Copilot is a command line interface (CLI) that allows users to launch and manage containerized apps on AWS fast and efficiently. AWS Copilot offers a simple declarative set of commands, as well as examples and guided experiences to assist clients in deploying quickly. Copilot automates each stage of the deployment lifecycle, including pushing to […]

How to build a serverless event-driven workflow with AWS Glue and Amazon EventBridge?

Reading Time: 10 minutes AWS Glue is basically a data processing pipeline that is composed of a crawler, jobs, and triggers. This workflow converts uploaded data files into Apache Parquet format. In this blog, we will see how we can make use of the AWS Glue event-driven workflows to demonstrate the execution of the entire flow. With the use […]

How to translate chat messages in different languages in real time with Amazon Translate?

Reading Time: 10 minutes We are in the age of globalization! Nowadays many businesses are expanding their reach to wider audiences across the globe, which made the world a global village! Businesses across the globe require applications that are interoperable with multiple languages. So businesses have a need for scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to create multilanguage-supported applications.  Traditional […]

How to build and deploy a MERN Stack Application on AWS?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Do you have a wonderful product idea that keeps springing into your head? However, not sure which technology or framework to adopt for easier and faster deployment of scalable web applications, you can go for MERN Stack.  A MERN Stack is a collection of front-end, back-end, and database components that is best suited for building […]

How to migrate RDS MySQL database to RDS PostgreSQL database using AWS Database Migration Service(DMS)?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do you want to migrate data from one type of DB engine (MySQL) to another type of DB engine(PostgreSQL) with little or no downtime? In today’s fast-paced environment, application, and database availability must be considered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some of your applications may be unable to tolerate substantial downtime while […]

How to install and run Docker Containers on Amazon EC2 Instance?

Reading Time: 5 minutes While running Docker on AWS, developers and admins can build, ship, and run highly reliable distributed applications at any scale.  In this blog, we will demonstrate how to install, build and run docker containers on Amazon EC2 instances. Refer to Part 1 of the blog here: How To Install And Run Docker Container On Amazon EC2 […]

How to connect a device to the Amazon IoT Core service and watch it send MQTT messages?

Reading Time: 12 minutes AWS IoT provides cloud services that connect your IoT devices to other devices and AWS cloud services. If your devices can connect to AWS IoT, AWS IoT can connect them to the cloud services that AWS provides. AWS IoT lets you select the most appropriate and up-to-date technologies for your solution. In this blog, we […]

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