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How to perform an Amazon Aurora Database deployment that replicates data and spans across multiple AWS regions?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Amazon Web Services provides us with the flexibility of managing the data in the databases with ease. The flexibility is thus provided by an AWS Service called Amazon Aurora. An Amazon Aurora cluster contains one or more DB instances and a cluster volume that helps us manage the data for those DB instances. A cluster […]

AWS DMS: Migrating On-Premise/EC2 Databases to RDS Made Simple

Reading Time: 11 minutes Do you want to migrate your on-premise databases to AWS with minimal or no downtime? In today’s fast-paced world, 24/7 application and database availability are the basic criteria to consider. In this case, some of your applications may not be able to afford significant downtime while migrating on-premises databases. In this situation, AWS Relational Database Service […]

AWS Glue DataBrew — A no-code visual data preparation tool for data scientists.

Reading Time: 7 minutes AWS Glue is a serverless managed service that prepares data for analysis through automated ETL processes. This is a simple and cost-effective method for categorizing and managing big data in the enterprise. It gives businesses a data integration tool that prepares data from multiple sources and organizes it in a central repository where it can […]

How to create on-demand backups and restore the backup for Amazon RDS using AWS Backup(Part 1)?

Reading Time: 8 minutes When we are using various data services like RDS, EBS, EFS, and DynamoDB to store data in the AWS Cloud, we also have to use some kind of backup solution to meet the data retention requirements. We need a centralized and effective solution for scheduling events like CloudWatch events, cleaning up,  common abstraction of API […]

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